Measurable Performance Indicators (MPI) for Lifelong Learning: Reorientation of a Traditional Higher Education Institution

John Henschke


This chapter is designed to address: the introduction of lifelong learning from ancient times; dimensions of maturation as guides for lifelong learning; considering the andragogical approach in early adult, and lifelong learning; counseling adult learners contributes added dimensions to facilitating lifelong learning; assessing life' challenges within the decades of lifelong learning, core value and human systems; 1997 - CONFINTEA V - Hamburg, Germany - lifelong learning emphasis only on older adults; 2009 - CONFINTEA VI - Belem, Para, Brazil - lifelong learning emphasis being throughout life; prominent role of higher education institution changing toward lifelong learning; developing definition of lifelong learning and learning in general; characteristic elements of lifelong learning higher education institution; implementing challenges of lifelong learning, core value, and human system; and, two appendices including beneficial instruments for use in lifelong learning.