A 2013 Update of Research in Andragogy Has Revealed Some New Dimensions and Another Era As We Looked toward Andragogy's Future

John Henschke, Lindenwood University
Susan Isenberg, Lindenwood University
Particia Zalenski


This paper on the History and Philosophy of Andragogy is mainly limited [with a few exceptions] to a chronological history and the accompanying philosophy of andragogy, in line with when the English language documents were published and personal descriptions of events were written down. Some of these documents, however, present aspects of the events and ideas which recount the years and contexts in which they appeared in published form. This will not be an exact history of the events and philosophy as they appear in chronological order. But, this will be presented in the general sequence of the years that the articles, books, commentaries, and any other publication forms were recorded or appeared in print and / or were published. There are more than 385 documents thus far in this collection.