The Dynamic of a Living Lecture in Career and Technical Education

John Henschke, Lindenwood University


This chapter introduces the lecture as a long standard learning technique. The background is provided with the extensive value and scope, including the elements of good lectures. Weakness of the lecture centers around its being overused and/or misused. Strengths of the lecture include its familiarity, well accepted, and provides much information in a short period of time. A theoretical context is provided for maximizing the benefit of a lecture, which includes: guiding questions for use; a foundational learning theory; stressing engagement and interaction as integral; and, a large group theory to heighten engagement and interaction. Actually coupling listening teams (clarification, rebuttal, elaboration, application) with the lecture will make the lecture dynamic and vibrant. Fifteen additional groupings with varying purposes may be used to enhance the lecture with further engagement and interaction. Future trends will see stronger emphasis on including other supportive learning techniques in conjunction with the lecture to enhance its value and benefit.