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Cultural Learning, Cultural Learning Processes, Learning Society, Lifelong Education, Lifelong Learning, Local Wisdom, Thai Wisdom Teacher


This article provides the background and concept of Thailand Lifelong Learning [LLL], even attempting a definition. The Thai LLL vision encompasses strategies for developing human qualities such as integrity, self-reliance, adaptability, resilience, and spirituality, to name a few. In some regards LLL seeks to recapture a more fully-developed perspective, on what in earlier times and places [1238 AD in Thailand], was called 'indigenous education', as it now pursues the benefits of a vibrant Learning Society. Progress of LLL in Thailand at times seems to be very slow and methodological rather than dynamic. It stems from developing a policy of learning processes for establishing solid education systems - Formal, Non-Formal, and Informal. LLL also has developed by means of garnering and integrating 'Local Wisdom' [a Thai term designating important valued human experience] into what has become known as 'cultural learning processes'. This Local Wisdom is held by 'Wisdom Teachers' and encompasses nine areas, as follows: agriculture, handicraft/cottage industry, traditional medicine, conservation of natural resources, funding/community economics, fine arts, languages/literatures, philosophy/religion/tradition, and food/nutrition. Government Organizations and Private Non-Governmental Organizations have strongly supported and have been major forces for advancing cultural learning, LLL, and what may be labeled as a 'Learning Society'. In addition, collaboration between Missouri, USA, has helped Thai LLL advance immeasurably and move toward becoming a Learning Society from 2010 to 2015. Added to this, and provided a Model of Cultural Learning, with recommendations for improvement at the National and Community levels. It concludes with assurances toward its creating diversity within the constituencies to be served, strengthening a self-sufficient economy, solidifying moral values, and enhancing Thailand's becoming a vibrant and flourishing Lifelong Learning Society.

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