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The author is seeking to improve the lecture, by adding numerous techniques with it to engage the learners more actively in the learning process, supporting it with the theories of large group meetings and andragogy, and naming it ‘a living lecture for lifelong learning’. The process of the living lecture for lifelong learning is described as follows. Before the presentation/lecture, which the leader has prepared on a predetermined topic prior to the time of its audible delivery, the audience may be divided into four teams and be asked to serve as listening teams. Each team respectively, listens to a five to seven minute lecture for things to be clarified, disagreed with (rebuttal), elaborated, and practically applied. After the lecture the teams generate one or more points or questions they want to raise following which one spokesperson from each group in turn presents one point at a time which they want addressed and the speaker responds until all items are discussed or time runs out. The presenter (teacher, trainer, or facilitator) takes a lead part in all of the proceedings as a manager of the interaction. This session will demonstrate the ‘best practice’ process of a living lecture for lifelong learning.

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September 2011

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Midwest Research-to-Practice Conference in Adult, Continuing, and Community Education