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Andragogy was first authored by Alexander Kapp (1833), a German high school teacher. He asserted andragogy as education in the man's age including self reflection, and educating the character as primary values in human life. The most cogently knowledgeable and articulate of all scholars that have researched and practiced in andragogy in Savicevic (2006a). After writing extensively internationally on andragogy for 50 years, he observed that since his first visit to the USA in 1966, up through 2006, tracing andragogy on USA universities is that there had not been a single serious study on adult education and learning that did not refer to andragogy as a conception. Houle (1996) asserted that Knowles' work in andragogy is the most learner-centered of all patterns of adult educational programming and influences every other system because of its creating a climate in which adults can most fruitfully learn. This research is based on 290 English language documents, representing 14 time periods in which there has a foundation laid for research in adult education field that has discussed the pro and con of andragogy. If the past is prologue, there will be a continuous stream of study an research of andragogy into the future.

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January 2010

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29th Annual Midwest Research-to-Practice Conference in Adult, Continuing, Community and Extension Education