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Book Chapter


Congruence, Dependability, Integrity, Reciprocity, Social Capital, Trust, Trustworthy


The author began researching trust in the late 1980s. The technology of his practice and research converged in an instrument which indicated the strongest factor being "teacher trust of learners," and which he sought to enact in practice as "my trust of learners" were quite consistent with each other. This instrument has been used in 16 doctoral dissertations with findings of the strongest factor being "teacher trust of learners," including a study indicating the technology of his scholarship and practice being congruent. Trust is indicated in some of the general adult education literature, even in a highly unlikely place like a very brutal prison with its culture being transformed into a very humane place. To build upon the trust factor, the growing suggestions of the literature call for more research into the technology and practice of developing and advancing the reciprocal relationship of trust between faculty and learners.

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January 2014

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Handbook of Research on Education and Technology in a Changing Society