Department Chair: Keith J. Stine

The Chemistry and Biochemistry department currently has 18 regular faculty members, offering research opportunities in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry and nanoscience, and several adjunct professors. There are approximately 60 students in the graduate program, and there are a number of postdoctoral associates working in the department. Faculty and students occupy laboratory and office space in Benton Hall, the Research Wing of the Science Complex, and the Center for Nanoscience (CNS). The Chemistry Department has developed a program that makes research and teaching excellence its top priorities. Papers and publications documenting departmental research are frequently presented at conferences and symposia and published in scientific journals throughout the world. The faculty serve on national and international committees and editorial boards. Several faculty members have written introductory textbooks and advanced specialized monographs and reviews. Advanced undergraduate and graduate classes are relatively small, allowing for considerable interaction between faculty and students.


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