Document Type



Doctor of Nursing Practice



Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Susan Dean-Baar, PhD, RN, CENP, FAAN


Roxanne Reid, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN

Jade Parker-Manderson, BSN, RN



Problem: The introduction of an electronic health record (EHR) system has become an essential component in monitoring and tracking patient information in most developed countries but are difficult to implement in underdeveloped countries. Guatemala is a country with poor health care and limited resources for patient tracking and monitoring. An organization in Guatemala, Nursing Heart Inc. (NHI), provides care to over 40 underserved rural communities but lacks the ability to monitor and track patient information. In order for NHI to properly monitor and evaluate their programs and track patients’ continuity of care, the introduction of an EHR system is necessary.

Methods: A system development framework was used to help identify the elements necessary for successful EHR workflow development for NHI. Focused interviews were conducted using structured interview guides with questions targeted towards EHR system design from first-hand observation from volunteers and staff members.

Results: All the participants agreed that an EHR system would benefit NHI and will provide the ability to monitor patient trends over time, but will need to be simple, and have the ability to use in areas with no Wi-Fi.

Implications for Practice: Using the information obtained from the structured interview guides, first-hand observation, aggregate data from NHI, and IT considerations, a set of elements and data were identified, and a series of recommendations established for a more streamlined method of collecting patient data for NHI.