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Doctor of Education



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Matthew D. Davis, PhD


Charles Granger


Mathew Davis, Ph. D

Carl Hoagland, Ph. D

Charles Granger, Ph. D

Claude Weathersby, Ph. D.


The purpose of this paper is to give a voice to a dedicated group of professionals who unselfishly labored twenty-five plus years educating the children of America’s poorest taxpaying citizens. These retired African American female urban middle schools sciences teachers’ (RAAFUMSST) explain the experiences that gave them the fortitude to stay in the urban school systems until their retirement. The goal is to give you a glimpse into the distractions, challenges, and victories they encountered as they strove to teach science in an overcrowded, underserviced, and depressed urban school district of a major city. Most times sacrificing self for service, the participants of this study held fast to their beliefs that all of America’s children, regardless of their parent’s socioeconomic status, deserve a quality education. It is through individual interviews that the five retired Science teachers of this project share their reflections on the events and circumstances that altered their professional labor of love. The Critical Race Theory (CRT) serves as the theoretical frame for this study.

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