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Doctor of Philosophy


Psychology, Industrial and Organizational

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Stephanie Merritt


Bettina Casad

William Kyle

Matthew Taylor


This study builds on previous research findings that White individuals who desire to not appear racist is associated with Black students failing to receive constructive feedback, compared to White students (Croft & Schmader, 2012). This Feedback Withholding Bias (FWB) may inhibit the ability for Black students to learn from constructive feedback which is important for student learning and future performance. Black male students and White male evaluators with a STEM major were the focus of this study because of the underrepresentation of Black STEM students and workers and previous research focusing on racism stereotypes impact on the FWB. The results suggest that stereotype threat is not the underlying mechanism of the FWB. Findings do suggest impression management plays a role in the FWB as participants’ motivation to control prejudice (MCP) was predictive of both stereotype threat and the FWB measures. Results demonstrated the White evaluators provided similar amounts of constructive feedback to Black and White students, yet also showed a positive feedback bias for Black students.

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