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The first part of this paper discusses the nature and use of high-inference and low-inference criteria for the evaluation of science textbooks. The second part discusses a project entitled Criteria for the Analysis and Selection of Science Textbooks (CASST). Included are results of a state survey which show that very little emphasis is given to problem-solving in the forms used by textbook adoption committees, that few states use science textbook appraisal forms that are specifically designed for grade level groupings, and that science process skills are not often given much prominence in textbook evaluation forms. Based on these and other findings from the state survey and from eight recommendations offered (such as suggesting that more emphasis on the laboratory-based development of science process skills is needed in the elementary grades), the final section of the paper outlines the basis for the development of high- and low-inference instruments that can be used to analyze (and ultimately improve) science textbooks.

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March 1986