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The intent of this yearbook is to provide a positive posture for nurturing desirable changes in the status of science teaching. It is written for elementary school teachers and all who are involved or concerned with curriculum and instruction in the elementary school. The yearbook provides the basis for continued professional growth of teachers by stressing ways to logically and realistically infuse science and science-related instructions into schools and to assure that science will remain valued as new patterns of schooling evolve. As a means of promoting science relevancy and literacy, interfaces between science teaching and other areas of human concern are identified and a rationale for encouraging and defending the desired state of science teaching is provided. The book is organized into four parts: providing focus, establishing credibility, exploring interfaces, and discovering applications. Chapters 1 and 2 focus on science teaching and science teaching goals. Chapters 3-5 focus on valuing (1) science content; (2) preparation in science methodology/goals; and (3) the infusion process. Chapters 6-12 address relationships between science teaching and personal/career concerns, children's intellectual development, educational technology (microcomputers) environmental concerns, energy concerns, special education concerns, and cultural concerns respectively. Perspectives from practitioners and on professional growth are addressed in chapters 13 and 14.

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Teaching Children Science: Changing Adversity into Advocacy.