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FIGURE 8.3. Output from JASP for the 1-sample t test described in this example. The output provides the t value (3.462), degrees of freedom (3), and the exact p value (.020, which is less than .05). Note that the mean (53.750) and standard deviation for the sample are also provided (13.720). Based on our four oil changes, the new mechanic takes longer on average (M = 53.75, SD = 13.72) to change oil than our old mechanic, t(3) = 3.46, p = .02. note: Cohen’s d is not shown as JASP does not provide that value for a 1-sample t test. (“JASP 1-sample t test” by Rupa G. Gordon/Judy Schmitt is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.)

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