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FIGURE 10.1. Output from JASP for the independent-samples t test described in the Movies and Mood example. The output provides the t value (2.478), degrees of freedom (62), the exact p value (.008, which is less than .05), and Cohen’s d for effect size (0.622). Note that the means and standard deviations for both samples are also provided. Based on our sample data from people who watched different kinds of movies, we can say that the average mood after a comedy movie (M = 24.0, SD = 12.2) is better than the average mood after a horror movie (M = 16.5; SD = 11.8), t(62) = 2.48, p = .008, d = 0.62. (“JASP independent-samples t test” by Rupa G. Gordon/Judy Schmitt is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.)

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