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Clinical applications in brain science have progressed at a glacial pace when compared to other medical disciplines. Treatments for most neurodegenerative brain diseases are limited, and cure strategies remain underdeveloped. Pressure to improve clinical outcomes in the neurological sciences is exacerbated by an aging population at risk for degenerative brain diseases. Fortunately, technical advances in the field of neuroimaging offer new promise, with enhanced characterization of microstructural anatomy, network connectivity, and functional biomarkers of health and disease. Articles highlighted in this issue describe cutting-edge applications targeting these outcomes using diffusion tensor imaging, diffusion-based tractography, and positron emission tomography. Finally, the glymphatic system is reviewed as a target for future neuroimaging investigation in clinical populations such as those with Alzheimer's disease. Integration of these methods with new advances in computational science will inform mechanisms of healthy and dysfunctional brain mechanisms and ideally lead to new targeted therapeutic interventions.

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