DATASET: Assessment of vigilance performance and/or Reliance on Automated Decision Aids: An X-Ray Screening Task

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A great deal of interest concerns the study of vigilance performance and trust in automation due to their implications for public safety. The present work contributes to this literature by providing an experimental resource for scholars in need of a vigilance style task. We created a set of 150 stimuli that may be downloaded and used by researchers in future data collections. These stimuli are X-ray images of luggage, and participants indicate whether or not they believe each image contains a dangerous item (simulating airport security screening). Using a sample of 990 adults recruited via MTurk, we normed these items in terms of difficulty. We make these images available to others in order to facilitate the development of knowledge in domains that will enhance public safety.

The development of these materials was funded by a grant from The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

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Stephanie Merritt, Lei Shirase, Garett Foster

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