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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Graduate Advisor

Mary Troy, Professor


John Dalton

Steven Schreiner


This collection of short stories is entitled “Love Stories.” There are two shorter pieces, seven and thirteen pages respectively, two medium-length pieces, twenty-three pages, and one longer piece of thirty-six pages to bring the total to five stories at one hundred two pages. These stories all concern ‘love’ in the conventional sense of the word, focusing particularly on the love between two people. They explore ‘love’ in unusual or fantastic ways. Most of the stories are science fiction-esque, with one more realist in manner. The use of future technologies or extrapolations of current technologies and societal elements works to express the theme of love in a way that moves beyond the classic depiction of romance. These stories involve a man and his stream-of-consciousness as he stands at the altar before marriage, two people evolving at different rates and the challenges this provides to their love, a virtual relationship between a young man and a pornographic webcam model, the futile efforts of a lowly star port attendant and a rich woman, and the relationship between two people in a post-apocalyptic society where the classes have segregated.

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