Some Place in Between

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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Mary Troy


Dalton, John

Duffey, Suellynn


Some Place in Between is a collection of short stories centered around the moment when people realize there is a discrepancy between what they believe, and what they want to believe; between what they profess to believe, and what their actions reveal about their underlying and often unacknowledged beliefs. The conceit each of these stories share, is the notion that the "in between” place—the place where we recognize that our beliefs are both authentic and true, but also wrong and false, and where we can accept their contradictoriness—is often the closest we come to being fully human. This heightened knowledge, however, comes at a price. Each story in this collection follows the life of a character who reaches this fleeting place, but then has to find a practical way to navigate the world with a greater awareness of their own difficult, contradictory convictions. Ultimately, Some Place in Between is a celebration of those characters who are able to find a temporary balance between these conflicting spaces, as well as a celebration of those who aren’t quite so lucky.

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