Somebody Else in Kentucky

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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Graduate Advisor

Mary D. Troy


Howard Schwartz


John Dalton


Somebody Else in Kentucky is a collection of short stories that delves into the most complex of human journeys, the discovery of oneself. In many of these stories the protagonist is engaged in both a metaphorical and literal journey, which traverses the individual’s struggle to live and act of free will. The characters in these stories embark on journeys that shape, challenge, and reshape their sense of identity. And while they grapple with obstacles outside of their control, as well as family or community influence they never succumb to a belief in destiny. Rather a common trait shared by all of the protagonists is their ability to find and seize the moment of choice. These are moments often threatened from the scarring of abandonment and the arduous journey of healing. Yet, each of the protagonists is driven by their sedulous desire for control over their identity and their lives. Whether their choices are viewed as constructive or destructive, moral or amoral, the protagonist becomes aware it is their choice that defines them and not their circumstance. Through the course of their journey, the protagonists of these stories understand better who they are and accept the path of their choosing. This collection of fiction applauds that power of choice.

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