Steven Adams: Selected Stories

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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Graduate Advisor

John Dalton


Mary Troy

Sylvia Cook


“Selected Stories” consists of five written works developed as a graduate student in the University of Missouri-St. Louis Creative Writing program. If there is a common theme to the fiction stories, it is that people, in general, are unable to communicate, for reasons ranging from pride to technology to shyness. I enjoy putting my characters into somewhat real, somewhat fantastic circumstances, and I hope the reader gets the same joy I do from these carefully constructed situations. Also listed in “Selected Stories” is my most personal work, a memoir concerning my grandmother, who recently passed away. I see this memoir as an evaluation of my life and hers, and how our love of writing has formed a bridge between us. This writing experience at UMSL has been exactly what I wanted: a chance to pursue my art and move forward in my career. Thank you for reading.

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