The Chorus of 302

Document Type



Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Shane Seely, MFA


Shane Seely

Steven Schreiner

Glenn Irwin


This collection of poetry delves into the life of a young girl in her studio apartment. While she copes with the loneliness of this small space, she observes an urban wildlife that develops and that she reads purpose into, almost divining meaning at times. Her many visitors take the form of insects, birds, apparitions, T.S. Eliot and her mother – all who weave in and out of the storyline of this girl becoming a woman. She changes as she battles bouts of insomnia and her very mind paints surrealist imaginings from disappearing ceilings to swallowing a toy boat. And while many of the poems take place at night, they are doused in the color yellow. Flashbacks to her childhood in the desert crop up as her mind moves back and forth between the world of cactus to the city life of centipedes and neighborhood strays. It’s through all of these collected voices that she comes to know the chorus of 302, her song.

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