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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Shane Seely, MFA


Drucilla Wall

Glenn Irwin


This collection of poems When All Else Failed, closely examines relationships in many ways. It explores beginnings and endings. It examines nature and environment. It ventures through relationships with the self, the beloved, parents and children, and one’s relationship to the world and natural settings around them. Connections are made and broken over and over again examining one’s ability to grow and change over time, and this is done in juxtaposition to those things that remain stagnant. In this collection of poems I use lyric poetry with a narrative slant, nature and environment, and a precise use of the line. I pull from real experience, fiction, and myth in a confessional tone. Through all of this connections are made and relationships are built with the reader. In my collection I tell many stories, but most importantly I tell the story of loss and love, and loss and love again, something to which we all can relate.

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