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Master of Arts



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John Brunero


Dr. Berit Brogaard

Dr. Stephanie Ross


The purpose of this paper is to assess whether Friedrich Nietzsche has a political philosophy. Specifically, I will be concerned with whether Nietzsche would endorse a particular form of government. First, I will draw a distinction between a weak and strong interpretation of the question: “Does Nietzsche have a political philosophy?” This paper will focus on the weak interpretation; that is, “Does Nietzsche endorse a particular form of government?” From this, I will present a textually based argument that the answer is ‘No’, in regards to the question “Does Nietzsche endorse a particular form of government?” After drawing a distinction in the question, I will present an interpretation of Nietzsche’s famous claim, namely that: “God is dead.” I will show that Nietzsche is arguing that the belief in God has become unbelievable. Using this interpretation, I will apply it to Nietzsche’s view of the state. I will present the following argument: since the idea of God has become meaningless and unbelievable, the concept of the state will, in a similar way, become meaningless and unbelievable, and, therefore, die out. This argument shows that Nietzsche does not endorse a particular form of government. From this, one must conclude that Nietzsche is not interested with endorsing a particular form of government.

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