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Creative Writing

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John Dalton


Mary Troy

Steve Schreiner


The stories contained within are all concerned in one way or another with our memory. More specifically, what it means to remember something. With a fictional drug, referred to only as “serum,” the characters in these stories all fall victim to what can be described as an overdose of experience. Our memories are what allow us to develop ideology, our concept of self, and intimacy with others. Each story in “Where They Wander” deals in some way with these basic human traits by exaggerating the characters’ abilities to confront their experiences.

There is another thread that pulls these stories together. The natural world, specifically plants and especially trees, has a constant presence. The ever watchful, ancient soul of the Earth is continually exerting its subtle influence on the characters and situations in this volume.

At no point are these characters faced with conflict beyond the weight of their own lives.

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