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Creative Writing

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John Dalton


Mary Troy

Shane Seely


“Touch” is a short story set in the U.S., present day. Two young girls simultaneously explore the nature of their relationship while performing sexual acts for an online audience. The story investigates how female identity is defined through sexuality and how that affects interpersonal relationships.

“Muscle & Bone” is the beginning of a novel set in a fictional, rural town called Carrington in Southern Missouri. The story takes place on two timelines: one set in 1950, and the other in 1895. A teenage girl named Caroline is sexually assaulted, and as a result impregnated, and forced to marry her assaulter. After three years of quiet submission, Caroline sees a vision that inspires her to plot an escape. Unknown to her, this vision hints at a foundational evil put in place at Carrington’s origin. It is my intention that, as the story progresses, Caroline will eventually appropriate this evil to her own means.

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