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“Rocket” Rowan Bell is a young Black idealist who has an audacious notion to disseminate what he perceives as truth to his community through news publication. As an adolescent boy, he was a good kid and athlete with a good heart from a poor Black neighborhood. Rocket experienced what seemed to be an episode of sexual assault by a youth-minister/track-coach at his church. The ordeal may have shaped his young adult perspective and evolved into a philosophy through which Rocket contends:There are three Negro (P)s that perpetuate the pathetic plight of Black people — the Negro Preacher, the Negro Politician, and the Negro Publication. During his early experience in the news business, Rocket is guided by a wise elderly mentor, Marvin Smith, who he comes to feel isn’t interested in providing real information to the Black community. Rocket decides to break from Marvin and run his own publication, the Xaminer. He gets involved with a Muslim leader that his wife, Lisa, has tremendous concerns about. Through the Xaminer, Rocket attacks Black leadership that he regards as questionable, labeling them House Negroes of the Month. His publication is targeted to be starved out of existence by certain Black leaders. Through double-crosses and a threat of his wife’s livelihood, Rocket fights to deliver truth to his people, but at what cost?

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