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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Glenn Irwin


Shane Seely

Steven Schreiner


ABSTRACT The work of this book was pursued with the objective of exploring psychological and sociological causes and effects of the human condition with themes including family, love, solitude, loss, abandonment, estrangement, maternity, sex, and gender power dynamics--especially that of male dominance of women and varying female responses to this sociological organization--using characters, animals, settings and voices in the artistic medium of poetry. The assembly of the book is in the style of novel structure, but neither story nor chronology were considered in the order of organization as each poem is an independent piece. Epigraphs were used at the beginning of each division to help set a mood and direction for the new section. The poems of Part I were chosen as a sort of novel introduction and to establish setting, provide character development and to introduce the protagonist, background, thematic nemesis and thematic antagonist, and tensions. Part II is organized according to the pacing and rhythm of the story-telling tradition of novel structure, including the effects of rising and falling action, crisis, and epiphany; effects created using both content and in individual style and form of each poem and its placement. Part III presents recurring falling action in continuation of plot, subplots and themes arisen within. Part IV is the conclusion. The pursuit of the objective of the work for the writer was achieved as intended and the method of organization helped objectify the areas of study. Further results of the work are possible, if read, and would be concluded by each reader.

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