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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Ivelisse Rodriguez


John Dalton

Ron Austin


Groundless is a collection of realist short stories that follow original characters as they move into a new understanding of themselves. They may think they are grounded in who they are, but each character learns new things that often contradict what they think they know about themselves. As with anyone, it is important that these characters re-examine who they think they are and look outward – what has made them that way? Is their perception accurate? Are they being fair to themselves and those around them? New understandings of what they believe about themselves and about their world are always possible. Themes of self-awareness, independence, honesty, and communication unite these stories. Inspired by writers concerned with emotional complexity and clear narratives, these stories follow in the same tradition. Using traditional methods of storytelling, they are written about and for the new-age woman of color who is not afraid to make decisions that are right for them.

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