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Master of Arts



Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Dr. Reinhart, Amber


Dr. Tian, Yan

Dr. Van Stee, Stephanie

Dr. Reinhart, Amber


For many countries today, environmental sustainability is a subject of concern, and the world has witnessed the rise of environmental activism in recent years. Social media is increasingly being used by relevant stakeholders to raise environmental awareness. This study explores the relationship between social media use and environmental awareness from a cross-cultural perspective. Building upon previous research, this study compares social media use, environmental awareness, and their relationship between Saudi Arabian and American college students. Survey data was collected from a convenient sample of 266 Saudi Arabian and 290 American college students on their use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as on their environmental awareness levels. Analysis of the survey data indicated that American college students spend more time on Facebook than Saudi Arabian college students, while Saudi Arabian students spend more time on Instagram and Twitter than their American counterparts. At the same time, American college students were found to have higher levels of environmental awareness than Saudi Arabian students. Furthermore, the results suggested that more social media use is not associated with higher environmental awareness levels in either country. Theoretical and practical implications of the findings are discussed.