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Dr. Stephanie Van Stee


Dr. Stephanie Van Stee

Dr. Yan TIan

Dr. Alice Hall


In a society like today’s, racial misrepresentation can be found across a vast number of different forms of media. Racial misrepresentation has been found in television portrayals of characters within series and programs during primetime television. This sort of misrepresentation creates obstacles for certain minorities to overcome prejudice, racism, and bigotry that oppresses their ingroup. A content analysis of 20 Netflix Original films which were chosen through random purposive sampling, to include comedy and drama genres, was conducted for the research. The analysis produced results that helped explain that Netflix’s representation of minorities through inclusion has improved for Blacks, yet still needed improvement for Hispanics, Asians, and Middle Eastern. The analysis also suggested that Netflix was not misrepresenting minorities through portrayal or the demographics of the Original’s character. An important takeaway from the analysis was that although Netflix’s representation of Blacks has improved, there is a lack in equal representation across Black and Whites together within the same film, meaning one of the race’s was represented more throughout the film, rather than being equal.