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Master of Science



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Nathan Muchhala


Mónica Carlsen


Nathan Muchhala

Mónica Carlsen

Bethany Zolman


The genus Anthurium (Araceae) consists of around 1,200 species distributed in the Neotropics, particularly in Central and South America. The montane forests in the eastern flank of the Andes, ranging from northern Ecuador to central Bolivia; hereafter, the East Andes Gradient region, are particularly rich in terms of species diversity, and include an understudied group of Anthurium species endemic to the region. Within this group of species, some taxa are difficult to distinguish from each other mainly due to the lack of identification keys, incomplete species descriptions and unknown synonyms. In this study, a combination of traditional taxonomic techniques and linear morphometric was used to better delimit species within the East Andes Gradient region. A total of 135 morphological characters, including leaf, reproductive, qualitative and quantitative characters were measured for more than 100 herbarium specimens from the Missouri Botanical Garden herbarium. This revision of Anthurium species occurring in the East Andes Gradient region includes a total of 24 species and 1 subspecies. Standardized descriptions, photographs and distribution maps are presented for each taxa. Additionally, summary descriptions of each section considered in this study are also included. Considerations regarding similar species and how to distinguish them are provided to avoid confusion while identifying herbarium specimens from the region. Identification keys to all species and all sections included in this revision are also provided.