Cluttered with Wandering Monsters

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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Steven Schreiner, PhD.


Schreiner, Steven

Seely, Shane

Irwin, Glenn


What are “wandering monsters?” They are unseen dangers, hidden and lurking. Specifically in this context, the wandering monsters are unseen dangers of the mind, giants and dwarves and dragons that hide inside memory, or thought, or belief. Things that complicate the very understanding of self and negate self assurance, these are the wandering monsters of the mind. “Cluttered With Wandering Monsters” is a collection of poems that erupt from the encounters a mind has with its own wandering monsters; deaths, births, tragedy, love, failure. These poems are the thoughts and words of a speaker who suffers the kinds of things we all must suffer, then suffers a personal health loss, and finds his life changed at the mid-point, a working man cloistered by his own brain, struggling to keep the landscape behind his eyes sane and his grip on the outside world steady.

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