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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Mary Troy, Professor


John Dalton

Steve Shreiner


This collection of fictional writing is intended for young adults. Both works feature female protagonists encountering supernatural element and could be categorized as magical realism, in that they incorporate fantastic or mythical elements in otherwise realistic fiction. “Teeth” is a short story that covers an issue that is prevalent amongst young adults and has been heavily discussed in the media. A reimagining of the Greek mythological tale of Medusa, the protagonist undergoes a transformation after a brutal rape that leaves her physically changed and what some would consider a monster. Daughters of Basheera is the beginning of a coming-of-age novel featuring a teenage girl who slowly uncovers secrets of her lineage after a tragedy. Inspired by the story of Tituba, a slave who was tried for introducing witchcraft to European settlers’ daughters during the Salem Witch Trails, Daughters of Basheera explores the idea of the descendants of the original practitioners of witchcraft. Both “Teeth” and Daughters of Basheera attempt to explore themes of isolation and punishment.

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