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Rob Wilson

Final Abstract for URS Program

There has been a supposed increase in the cases of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) in the past 10 years. The term ‘ROGD’ is a non medical phrase that has been widely adopted by members of anti transgender groups. This harmful classification has been the baseline for many anti transgender youth legislature that have been introduced in Americans states as recently as February of 2022. Gender dysphoria has been discredited as a ‘social media’ disease, and the fear of having LBGTQ+ people in communities has caused the harm and mistreatment of both the transgender youth and adults in America. Gender dysphoria was viewed as a disease until 1994, and it wasn’t until 2013 that gender dysphoria stopped being classified as a disorder. While it seemed that the acceptance of transgenderism was becoming more prevalent, a recent increase of trans related hate crimes has risen alongside the anti trans bills. Gender Dysphoria has been wrongly classified as a trend or an attention seeking mental disease. The social impact of these ideas have caused misconceptions that are continuing to be fueled by far right politicians, despite the historical and scientific evidence that shows gender dysphoria is a valid disorder.

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