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Kimberly B. Werner

Final Abstract for URS Program

Tritons United Against Gender-based Violence is a programming grant funded by the Department of Justice office on Violence Against Women. This presentation will introduce the UMSL community to grant activities and the work I have supported throughout this semester as an undergraduate research assistant on the project. The project is led by a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT) that includes key members both within and outside the UMSL campus and in the surrounding community from professionals in areas of victim services, prevention & education, law enforcement/safety, and student conduct. The overall goal of Tritons United is to reduce gender-based violence and promote victim safety by increasing trainings & education on college campus, and to complete campus campaign events promoting victim services, effective responses, and safety protocols following a gender-based event on UMSL campus. This presentation will discuss current and upcoming activities to support gender-based violence prevention and education at UMSL. Opportunities for collaboration and engagement with the CCRT will be provided.

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