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Dr. Andrew Hurley

Final Abstract for URS Program

Majority of public housing in the United States is a failure of cyclical nature. Historians have examined the collapse of public housing either at a local level via the examination of a specific housing project or through a federal level by researching HOPE VI, the current federal housing policy since the 1990s that encourages demolishing and privatization of public housing. Up until the 1990s, demolition wasn't as common as it is today, and became more normalized after the demolition of Pruitt-Igoe in 1973. Pruitt-Igoe is one of the more notable examples of how badly public housing can fail. However, the first ever closure of a public housing project could have been completely prevented. The failed redevelopment of Pruitt-Igoe occurred from 1971-1973, and failed because of cost, lack of city commitment, and conflict between government entities over the vision of Pruitt-Igoe.

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