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Christoph Schiessl

Final Abstract for URS Program

Even before the United States' entry into World War II, there has been a unique fascination regarding the prospect of the triumph of Nazism over the collective Allied powers. While every work exists as a product of its time, all share common themes and examine historical facts with an allohistorical lens to imagine a world wherein Hitler and the German Reich were successful in their schemes of world domination and the Final Solution. Despite plenty of historical narratives available for review and analysis, the idea of Nazism surviving beyond the confines of a doomed Germany has remained the most explored, written about, and discussed by a wide margin. Through exploration of various allohistorical examples, or alternative histories, one may map how attitudes regarding how Nazism and the destruction of the German Reich have changed over time, what life under an oppressive Nazi regime would’ve been like in more contemporary settings, as well as how the usage of Nazism in allohistorical narratives allows historians to dispel historical nostalgia commonly used by populist movements throughout the Cold War into the modern age. Each work presents an ever-evolving perception of Nazism, speaking to the author’s beliefs and those of greater society.

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