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Rob Wilson

Final Abstract for URS Program

It is a widely accepted fact that obtaining information about a black hole is a near-impossible task without being stretched like a spaghetti noodle and trapped in one due to its strong gravitational pull. If the universe exists in a black hole, however, it will mean that it could be possible to survive after crossing its inescapable borders. As surprising as all of this may seem, this theory has existed for quite a while amongst a few different physicists. One person that has shed light on and expanded people’s knowledge of this frightening theory is theoretical physicist, Nikodem Poplawski. The aim of this research project was to give insight into Poplawski and many other physicists’ and scientists’ minds discussing how the idea of the universe being born in a black hole came about and evidence to support the theory. The Big Bang Theory, dark matter, dark energy, and torsion are all key components as to why some scientists believe this is true. If this hypothesis is accurate, it will give scientists significant explanations and provide vital evidence for some of the world’s most popular, unanswered questions about the origins of life and the contents of space.

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