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Rob Wilson

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There is an alarming increase in the rates of childhood obesity. The social issues that obese children face begin with the society’s behavior towards them. Obesity is viewed by the public as a lifestyle disease therefore, victim blaming is involved. Society created how a “perfect” body should be and this has led to bullying. People are taken advantage of due to low-economics status, resulting in the purchase of unhealthy food. The challenges that overweight children face from society are important to acknowledge because understanding the social issues can prevent this epidemic. Although, society has come to terms with the epidemic, the public continues to ignore this disease by continuing harmful habits that increase rates of youth obesity. The Obesity Society Journal has studies from anthropologists using bio-cultural approach, investigating how economic status influences the consumption on unhealthy foods, why society results to victimization and bullying. Results have shown that obesity is not caused by only genetics, therefore an opportunity to blame the individual. Bullying stems from bullies "sensing" vulnerabilities in others and are more than willing to exploit those things. Lastly, eateries take advantage of low-income individuals, by strategically pricing fried foods less, leaving families no chose, but to purchase unhealthy options because of budget restraints. The consumption of unhealthy food results in overweight youth which increases a child’s chance of victim blaming and bullying. Society has accepted youth obesity as an epidemic, but this disease is promoted by ignoring and not educating the public.

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