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Rob Wilson, Ph.D.

Final Abstract for URS Program

A common sight on a clear day is a thin strip of white across the otherwise blue sky: A contrail. Most people do not think anything of these contrails, and assume they have little to no impact on the world at large. Suppose for a moment, however, that they are not as harmless as some believe. Suppose these cloud trails are actually composed of dangerous chemicals, and are being used by sinister forces in a conspiracy to kill off the weak, mind-control the population, or simply dull our minds in preparation for a government takeover. As far-fetched as this may sound, there is evidence both for and against the idea of such a conspiracy. The allegedly toxic “chemtrails,” as they are called, have been a subject of discussion for conspiracy theorists and skeptics alike. This research paper synthesizes many different sources on the topic of chemtrails, in order to discuss the origins of the chemtrails conspiracy theory, varying viewpoints on the theory, and the evidence that supports or opposes these different viewpoints. Considering all of the evidence will help to determine whether chemtrails are truly a danger to public health or just a distraction from the real issues.

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