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Miranda Jany, Carissa Philippi

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Stressful life events, such as abuse, divorce, or spending time in jail have been known to cause psychological and physical symptoms (Billings, 1982). Previous research has examined the association between the amount of stressful life events and the onset of depression(Kendler, 1999). The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between stress and depression in a sample of college students. As a part of a larger study, participants (N = 223) completed online questionnaires that measured their exposure to life stressors on the Life Stress Checklist - Revised (Wolfe and Kimerling, 1997) and depression symptoms on the Beck Depression Inventory (Beck et al., 1996). There was a small/weak positive correlation between the number of life stressors and depressive symptoms, r(221) = .26, p < .01. Future directions from this study could include investigating age and sex differences in relation to stress and depression to see if there is a stronger correlation.

Meng, Jany, Philippi; Stressful Life Events with Depressive Symptoms; poster.pptx (261 kB)
Stressful Life Events with Depressive Symptoms

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