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Daniel Gerth

Final Abstract for URS Program

Brain Stew is an UMSL publication distributed bi-weekly in both digital and print formats. Its mission is to provide for the Pierre Laclede Honors College a forum for uncensored free thought, commentary, and creativity, as well as news and event listings from PLHCSA and other related campus organizations. The current Brain Stew staff consists of editors Cullen Landolt, Mya Horn, Kenny Miller and Aimee Pieper, with Dan Gerth serving as the faculty supervisor. During the semester, these people write their own content as well as garner submissions from Honors College students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The result is The Most Entertaining Team-edited Midwestern Satirical Collegiate Publication of April 2021, or least that’s what they said in Time magazine! (Disclaimer: We are not in any way affiliated with Time magazine—please don’t sue us. Also, Brain Stew features content that some readers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised, as they say).

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