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Dr. Ann Steffen

Final Abstract for URS Program

Grief is a normative but highly life changing experience. Bereavement may disrupt one’s life as well as alter the way in which one lives and takes care of oneself. By approaching an individual’s grief as unique, specific skills and goals can be created to assist them in the midst of their new life. Specific skills and goals include engaging in self-care, developing a routine, and staying connected to others. Through the development of specific skills, one can learn to live with the losses experienced as well as take care of their physical and mental well-being. This talk will focus on the presenter's experience during a directed study project conducted in the Fall of 2019. In this project, the presented assisted with the revision of the "Living with Loss" module for a treatment workbook for later-life depression (to be published in Oxford University Press’ Treatments that Work Series). This 2nd edition involves turning a traditional therapy protocol into a series of culturally responsive and accessible handouts and worksheets using behavioral, cognitive and emotional regulation strategies.

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