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Gerianne Friedline

Final Abstract for URS Program

There has been a popularization in society of the Right hemisphere of the brain being responsible for creativity, and the Left hemisphere being responsible for logical and analytical thinking. However, it is not fully understood whether there is an underlying, neuroscientific basis to these claims or if such claims can be rendered factual. Recent studies have been conducted, revealing that right brained leaders emphasize in innovation and managing whereas left brained leaders focus on continuous improvement and planning (Kumar & Sharma 2016). The right and left hemispheres do possess interconnectedness, however as this study has shown, individuals tend to possess dominance on either hemisphere of their brain, which can then be associated with thinking styles and leadership; traits relating to the overall success of an individual, their life satisfaction, happiness, subjective well-being, and personality. Other studies have shown that there is a correlation between hemispheric dominance and the emotional intelligence in college students, which was correlated to a student’s academic success according to their score in emotional intelligence (Margaret & Lavanya 2017). From these two studies, other variables that are related to emotional intelligence, leadership, and thinking styles can be studied. Such variables include: individual personality, subjective happiness, subjective well-being, life satisfaction, and objective life success. This study hopes to determine the relation between hemispheric dominance and the mentioned variables in college students in the hopes of categorizing each participant, based on their responses, to being more left hemisphere or right hemisphere dominant, and identifying the implications of dominance as they relate to these variables.

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