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Michael F. McMurray

Final Abstract for URS Program


Patent WO20200588091A in vitiligo treatment/methodology is a two-phase patent methodology and compositions for leukoderma treatment, patented by HSC researchers at Kuwait University-Kuwait. It is a day-and-night natural-based treatment that uses photosynthesizers followed by antioxidants and tyrosinase cofactors. The study aims to measure the effectiveness of the treatment.


The data of this study was extracted from a hundred randomly selected patients through an online form of a questionnaire. The data covers the patient's demographics, awareness, previous vitiligo conventional treatments, and the patented treatment assessment.


Data collection showed 52% of Females and 48% of Males were using the patented treatment. Patients were respectively divided into six groups based on their ages 15% (10-20 years), 30% (21-30 years), 30% (31-40 years), 18% (41-50 years), 6% (51-60 years), and 1% (+60 years). 28% were using only topical treatments (corticosteroids or/and tacrolimus), 10% were using UV radiation therapy only, 10% were using herbal medications only, 42% were using a combination of UV and conventional topical treatments, 10% were not using any treatment. 3% have not followed the prescribed treatment. 96% had improved repigmentation whereas 4% had no repigmentation. 12% develop recurrence on the treated areas after abandoning the treatment.


Patent WO20200588091A showed to be responsive among all ages where 96% had depigmentation. On the other hand, 12% develop recurrence in the treated areas after abandoning the treatment. The treatment showed promising results on all types of vitiligo except segmental and acral vitiligo which showed to be more challenging to achieve full repigmentation.

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