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Dr. Jodi Woodruff

Final Abstract for URS Program

Alcoholism is a destructive consequence of a combination of environmental, genetic, and social influences. While it is the choice of an individual to consume alcohol, their family is facing the consequences as well. Children of alcoholics (CoAs) face a unique set of challenges growing up with one (or two) alcoholic parents. This study seeks to investigate the presence of a difference in grit and resilience in adult children of alcoholics (ACoAs). Furthermore, the study aims to uncover the influence grit and resilience have on an individuals’ mindset; whether they maintain a growth or fixed mindset. A survey containing four different aspects of measure was distributed. The first section collected demographic data. The participants were then to complete the Children of Alcoholics Screening Test (CAST) to determine which population they belonged to. The third section measured resilience using a 37-question questionnaire. Lastly, grit was measured using the Short Grit Scale. The study found that Non-ACoAs (M=3.24, SD=0.72) had significantly higher levels of grit than ACoA (M=2.97, SD=0.60) (t(165)=2.56, p<.011). Aspects of resilience, such as family coherence, were also higher in Non-ACoAs (M=56.48, SD=24.85) than in ACoA (M=38.75, SD= 22.45), (t(165)=4.67, p>.001). This study brings forth data to support the idea that those who live with a parent with alcoholism have lower levels of grit and resilience, leading to a fixed mindset. Future investigation is needed to better grasp the influence that interactions with alcoholic parents have on the development of children in many aspects, including grit and resilience.

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