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Christoph Schiessl

Final Abstract for URS Program

Vladimir Putin is the current president of Russia and has taken many leadership cues from his country’s totalitarian past. Does Putin fit the mold of a classic 20th century totalitarian when one looks at examples like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or the Kim dynasty? In what ways does Putin exhibit the telltale personality traits of these dictatorships? How does the current Russian administration’s policies, both foreign and domestic, mirror those of other authoritarian and totalitarian regimes?

The presentation will be a panel style discussion where these questions will be discussed and debated with research backed conclusions. Using historical examples of 20th century dictators, a clearer definition will emerge about what totalitarianism means and whether or not Vladimir Putin meets that threshold. Understanding the symptoms of totalitarianism is the only way to ensure its early diagnosis in the future.

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Oral Presentation

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