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Christoph Shiessl

Final Abstract for URS Program

The St. Louis Peace Information Center (STLPIC) was founded in 1967 as part of an outreach effort of the St. Louis chapter's Vietnam Summer opinion poll. The center in St. Louis was founded to coordinate anti-Vietnam War groups based nationally and locally, as well as to inform the public about its anti-war mission and activities. The archives of the Peace Center were donated to the State Historical Society of Missouri by former member, secretary, and board director Yvonne Logan. The records contain administrative records, flyers, newsletters, event advertisements, and more pertaining to the organizations the STLPIC partnered with throughout its seven years of activity. STLPIC hosted a variety of organizations appealing to different target audiences and encouraging them to protest the Vietnam War, including the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the Student Mobilization Committee, and the Vietnam Education Project. Although the St. Louis Peace Information Center was a small sector of the anti-Vietnam war movement, it represented a microcosm of the national movement. Its individual organizations targeted towards subgroups enlarged the movement while also diversifying its efforts, overall increasing its effectiveness at enacting change and deescalating American involvement in Vietnam.

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