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Ryan W. Carpenter

Final Abstract for URS Program

This presentation is a thorough analysis of participant physical pain and physical impairment within the given study. This data was conducted through an EMA study. The smartphone apps TigerAware and Qualtrics were used to give participants surveys throughout the course of ten days. The participants were undergraduate students at UMSL who received extra credit for participating in the study. Out of the 126 participants, 13 were male and 113 female. The surveys focused on comparing the relationship between alcohol usage and other variables. These surveys had questions relating to alcohol usage, marijuana usage, mood, pain, and questions about daily functioning. Participants' level of physical pain and physical impairment were analyzed in correlation to alcohol usage and other variables. In this study, the more pain someone experiences, the more physical impairment they will have. Other possible correlations are found, although the data was not significant, future research should be conducted to analyze the data further.

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